LEGO Dimensions | Meet that Hero: Sonic the Hedgehog Meets Knight Rider

Watch Sonic race K.I.T.T. in the latest installment of Meet That Hero! Gotta go fast if you want to grab the Sonic the Hedgehog and Knight Rider LEGO Dimensions expansion packs!

With more characters joining in on the fun, get ready for the wildest mash-ups this side of the Multiverse. Play through full-movie experiences of the year’s biggest blockbusters with immersive 6-level Story Packs, and prepare for battle in all-new Adventure World Battle Arenas where you can challenge friends in 4-player competitive split-screen. So grab your favorite characters and make room for new ones to continue the LEGO Dimensions adventure. You’re gonna need a bigger imagination!

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LEGO Dimensions is available for Xbox One® and Xbox 360®.



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