Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Trailer: Fallen Ghosts DLC – Expansion 2

In Fallen Ghosts, Ghost Recon Wildlands’ second DLC expansion, the Ghosts see their chopper crash in the middle of the jungle on their way to a rescue mission. Tracked down by an elite spec ops team that will put your combat skills to the test, your mission is simple: survive.

– Discover 15 new missions and track 4 bosses across different regions
– Master 6 new weapons, including the silent and deadly crossbow
– Acquire and master new skills
– Face Los Extranjeros, a spec ops team that includes 4 different enemy classes

In Ghost Recon Wildlands, you decide how to take down the cartel. Watch now to see how you can customize your character’s appearance and gear, and use the Gunsmith to craft weapons to take on any enemy in any environment



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